Pending Initiative Status

Bill H 22 Requires subcontractors with no employees to secure workers’ compensation, makes contractors and project managers liable in the event of the subcontractor’s failure, makes subcontractor liable to contractor or project manager for additional premiums resulting from subcontractor’s failure to obtain such coverage. Status: Pending – Carryover on May 12, 2009 Source: American Trucking Association

Oppose Section 530 Repeal

Download or view this document as a PDF. Oppose Section 530 Repeal We urge a “no vote” on S. 2882 and H.R. 3408 Taxpayer Responsibility, Accountability and Consistency Act of 2009 Seek no change to Section 530 Section 530 was a compromise Independent Contractors Need Clients, Too Section 530 provides the certainty that enables the 9 million self-declared independent contractors… Read more →

Pending Initiative Status, March 2010

Bill HB 794 This bill would require companies that engage independent contractors or employees whose regular duties are reasonably expected to require entering the homes of customers to obtain a criminal background check, to include finger printing. Additionally, each employee or independent contractor will be required to wear an identification badge. Status as of February 28, 2010: Introduced (January 13, 2010) Source: American… Read more →

Pending Initiative Status, March 2010

Bill H 1377 Requires owner-operators to obtain and provide to a motor carrier proof of occupational accident coverage with heightened requirements for occupational accident coverage sufficient to establish alternative coverage under the statute. Status as of February 28, 2010: Failed (February 28, 2010) Source: American Trucking Association and/or Direct Selling Association

Pending Initiative Status, March 2010

Bill H 4601 This bill would empower local units of government to fingerprint certain individuals for the purpose of receiving criminal history record information from the state police and FBI and would allow local governments the option to create ordinances requiring fingerprinting of door-to-door solicitors, taxi drivers and other drivers for hire, street vendors or other transient merchants, including merchants who… Read more →