Bill Creating Uniform “Employee” Definition Goes to Committee

Bill: H 523 Creates generally uniform definition of “employee” for purposes of minimum fair wage standards, bimonthly pay, prevailing wage, workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, and income tax laws. IC definition as proposed consists of ABC Test with additional four factors with burden of proof on party asserting IC status. Makes a…
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Contractor Employee Classification Act Enacted

Bill L 563 Contractor Employee Classification Act. Makes an individual performing services an employee of a contractor unless a 5-factor test is satisfied. Owner-operators are presumed to be independent contractors based on existing unemployment tax exemption. Status as of May 31, 2010: Enacted (April 13, 2010) Source: American Trucking Association

Senate Bill 2374 Fails to Pass

Bill S 2374 Authorizes Department of Revenue to share information regarding suspected misclassification with Department of Workforce Development. Status as of May 31, 2010: Failed – Adjourned (March 30, 2010) Source: American Trucking Association and/or Direct Selling Association
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Employee Misclassification Bill Fails in State Senate

Bill S 207 Makes it a felony to knowingly file a false statement or false supporting documentation of independent contractor status for purposes of workers’ compensation; makes it a misdemeanor to misclassify an employee as an independent contractor for purposes of unemployment compensation. Prohibits an employer from classifying an employee as…

Employee Classification Act Fails in House

Bill: H 1120 Employee Classification Act. Misclassification act that applies an ABC Test (with an alternative for an independently established business under prong C) to the construction industry for purposes of labor department. Construction is specifically defined to include moving construction-related materials on the job site to or from the job…