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Bill Introduced to Establish Fund to Investigate Employee Misclassification

Bill S 3793 As part of Job Creation and Tax Cuts Act of 2010, permits states to use portion of refunded Unemployment Compensation funds to establish general fund that may be used, in part, to investigate employee misclassification and employer fraud or evasion of contributions. Status: Introduced (September 16, 2010) Source: American Trucking Association

Fair Playing Field Act of 2010 Goes to Committee

Bill H 6128 and S 3786 Fair Playing Field Act of 2010. Seeks to limit application of the Section 530 safe harbor provisions by authorizing prospective reclassification of an independent contractor as an employee. Additionally, the Secretary is permitted to issue guidance regarding the classification of employment status of individuals. Requires a written statement regarding the contractor’s rights under the Act… Read more →

Senate Version of Section 530 Repeal Bill

Senate Version of Section 530 Repeal Bill Introduced Pending the availability of the text of the bill, S. 2882, the following is the introductory statement from the Congressional Record. From the Congressional Record STATEMENTS ON INTRODUCED BILLS AND JOINT RESOLUTIONS — (Senate – December 15, 2009) [Page: S13253] By Mr. KERRY (for himself, Mr. DURBIN, Mr. HARKIN, Mr. SCHUMER, Mr. MENENDEZ, Mr. BROWN, and Mr. KIRK): S. 2882. A bill to amend the… Read more →