Calling all independent contractors!

We’re looking for your story and photo (or video) to be featured on this website as part of our new campaign, “The Face of Independent Contractors.”

Your right to be self-employed is under serious threat in Congress, but the Coalition is behind you. Learn more about how you can participate in our campaign and help us preserve your status as an independent contractor.

From Coalition Executive Director Russell Hollrah:

“This is a tremendous opportunity to empower independent contractors to explain in their own words how their lives would be affected by a change in the law that denied them the right to be self-employed. The right of self-employment in this country has never been at greater risk, as Congress considers proposed legislation that would repeal a critical federal safe-harbor provision, Section 530 of the Revenue Act of 1978. This provision affords much needed certainty to clients of independent contractors that their independent-contractor relationships will be respected for federal employment-tax purposes.”

Meet this month’s featured IC here.

Campaign Details

Self-employed people of all walks of life who enjoy and earn their livelihood as independent contractors

Tell us in your own words why you love being self-employed and how your life would be affected if the government no longer allowed you to be self employed but instead required that you be treated as employees of your clients.

Now! We are accepting submissions (see below) and will be featuring them on this website as we review them.

We welcome stories from independent contractors throughout the United States and American Territories.

The legislative debate surrounding this issue is brimming with facts, figures, tax code, case law, and political posturing. But what is needed are the stories of the people who will be most affected — you, the independent contractors. Your voice needs to be heard. Your tale needs to be told. This is truly a story of individuals, of classic American entrepreneurs, who are a vital part of business and the 21st-century economy. Our “Face of Independent Contractors” campaign will help ensure the human element will not be overlooked and ignored in the legislative process.

You can send us your story either in writing or video using the following guidelines:

  • Written — Submit your story in the body of your email in 300 words or less with an attached digital photo headshot of you. The photo should be a candid close-up (head and shoulders) that is well lit and at least 300 by 300 pixels in dimensions.
  • Video — Submit your story as a web video of one minute or less. Be sure your video is well lit and in focus. The shot should be close up (head and shoulders) and the audio should be nice and clear without any background music or sounds. The video file should be at least 320 by 240 pixels in dimensions, no more than 5 MB in size, and in MP4, MPG, MPEG, AVI, or WMV format.

Remember, whether you submit your story in writing or video, tell us:

  1. Your name and what professional services you provide
  2. How long you’ve been self-employed and why you love it
  3. How your life would be affected if you were no longer allowed to be self-employed

Send us your submissions to

Thank you for your participation in our “The Face of Independent Contractors” campaign. Together, with your voices being heard, we can preserve your status as an independent contractor and right to self-employment.

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