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Minnesota Bill Would Extend Independent Contractor Registration Pilot Program for Construction Services until June 30, 2016

Minnesota S.F. 2065 Status: Senate: Passed, April 28, 2014; House: Substituted for H.F. 2198, April 30, 2014 Unlike its companion bill, H.F. 2198, which would have made permanent an independent contractor registration pilot project for individuals performing public or private sector commercial or residential building construction or improvement services, this bill would extend the registration pilot project until June 30,… Read more →

Minnesota Bill Would Expand the Presumption of Employment, for Workers’ Compensation Purposes, to include the Delivery Industry and Would Create New Tests for Overcoming the Presumption

Minnesota H.F. 2742 Status: Referred to Committee, March 6, 2014 Current law contains a presumption of employment for the trucking and messenger/courier industries for purposes of workers’ compensation unless a multi-factor test is met.  This bill would expand the presumption of employment to also include the delivery industry and would replace the old multi-factor tests with two new tests (an… Read more →