To Governor

Bill H.B. 2135 This bill would amend the Kansas Unemployment Security law by creating a new provision regarding classification of workers such that the Secretary of Labor (“Secretary”) shall first seek to determine whether the business in question has a reasonable basis upon which it relied when it determined the classification of a worker as an employee or independent contractor. If… Read more →

To Senate Committee on Commerce

Bill S.B. 157 This bill would amend Kansas Employment Security Law and authorize the Attorney General  to investigate alleged or suspected violations involving misclassification of workers, which is defined as knowingly and intentionally misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor for the sole or primary purpose of avoiding either state income tax withholding and reporting requirements or state unemployment insurance contributions… Read more →

Pending Initiative Status April 2010

Bill H 2281 Relates to misclassification of employees in construction trades for purposes of labor department. Construction is specifically defined to include “moving construction related materials on the job site or to or from the job site.” Makes workers employees unless satisfy ABC test or with an alternative for an independently established business under prong C. Provides for a private right… Read more →

Pending Initiative Status April 2010

Bill: H 2175 Withdraws currently existing authority of the department of revenue to provide inter-agency information regarding suspected misclassification. Status as of March 31, 2010: Pending – Carryover (June 4, 2009) Source: American Trucking Association