Florida Bill Clarifies That Workers Referred by Nurse Registries Are Independent Contractors and that Nurse Registries Have No Obligation to Monitor, Supervise, Manage, or Train Referred Workers

Florida S.B. 976 Status: Referred to Committee, February 18, 2014 This bill provides that registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, and home health aides are independent contractors and not employees of the nurse registries that referred them, regardless the obligations imposed on a nurse registry under the nurse registry law. The bill also clarifies that a nurse registry… Read more →

Passed Senate. To enrollment.

Bill H.B. 311 This bill would provide that, for purposes of local business taxes, “employee” does not include an independent contractor who is not engaged in the construction industry and in order to meet the definition of independent contractor at least four of the following criteria must be met: (I) The independent contractor maintains a separate business with his or her… Read more →

Pending Initiative Status, March 2010

Bill S 856 This bill would mandate the use of federal E-verify for those hiring employees in the state to ensure they are legally entitled to work. The definition of employee is overly broad and could be interpreted to include independent contractors. Status as of February 28, 2010: To Committee (January 14, 2010) Source: American Trucking Association and/or Direct Selling Association